“Eric, is smart and braver than he knows. He has to rely on friends to help him solve problems that arise and this seemed very real to me”
~ Stephanie Robinson, co-author of The Secret Files of Fairday Morrow

“To hear my seven year old, who has not yet embraced books as much as I would like, say ‘Can we read more books like this one?’ was music to my ears.” ~ kpfeif, mother and reviewer

“These books are sure to keep your reader engaged & excited from beginning to end with great lessons about working together, good vs. evil, the importance of communication and the dangers of too much power and greed.” ~ Karen Pokras, author of the Nate Rocks series

“This book treats the reader as a person of intelligence and explores real world issues of self-esteem and self-reliance.” ~ DD Critic, reviewer

“These books are full of adventure and well developed characters who are dealing with solving problems as well as discovering a lot about themselves along the way.”
~ M.A. Baird, teacher and reviewer

“Eric is a normal, pure-hearted boy who…is rather scared but still trying to do what’s right. And he is brave—brave enough to take on this journey even though he doesn’t really know what lies ahead.” ~ Ara, blogger/reviewer at My Book and My Coffee

“The Deliverers is adventure from the first page, with the young hero (and heroine) bravely facing and solving problems with help from their friends…For those who want their children to enjoy exciting family adventures without the loss of family values, this is an easy purchase.”
~ CD, mother and reviewer

“The Deliverers’ main theme is interwoven with the story of brothers at odds, a look at inequality among citizens of the land and the abuse of power. There’s lots of action and lots of times that friends count. A young reader will be engaged and delighted.”
 ~ C. Lee McKenzie, author of Alligators Overhead

“In between the excitement, there are many values being taught including the meaning of equality, facing your fears, and the power of friends.” ~ Thomas Ford, reviewer

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