Here Be Pirates

Sharky's pirate fleet. sails the high seas

"Pirates be a scurvy lot. They'd just as soon gut ye as look at ye. Aye, but there's none I'd rather have at me back when sails've been sighted and we're makin' ready t' board. No truer lads there ever were than them as sailed on the Deathwind with ol' Cap'n Sharky."

--Unknown crewman of the Deathwind

Despite the handsome words, life aboard Captain Sharky's flagship, Deathwind, was no pic-nic. As a matter of fact, life aboard any pirate ship was hard and brutal.  

While the captain ruled by the leave and consent of the crew in most cases, Sharky's crew held no such power. Sharky was a cruel leader, who would just as soon kill a member of his crew as look at him when he was angry, which was pretty much all the time.

While some pirates in our world were actually privateers hired by a government to attack merchant ships from rival countries, Sharky's band were true free agents. They attacked and plundered ships of all nations. Everyone was fair game. Because he sailed virtually unopposed, Sharky amassed huge stores of gold and treasure in his more than 300 years of looting and plundering.

Pirates come ashore

He was able to remain at sea almost constantly thanks to the tariff that he extorted from Calendria twice a year. Thanks to those supplies, there was no need for his crew to worry about growing or hunting for food. It ensured they had other supplies to refurbish their ships.

In normal pirate crews, each crew member was entitled to a certain portion of the plunder, depending upon their position. That was not the case in Sharky's crew. Sharky kept most of the loot for himself, and very infrequently gave his crew a cut.

Burt Sharky

The crew lived in mortal fear of Sharky. Most of them were former crew members of the ships that Sharky captured and sank. They were given the choice to either join his crew or go down with their ship. Some refused, but most accepted--and lived to regret their decision. 

There was one member of the crew who did not seem to fear Sharky. That was the first mate, Mr. Marrow. Members of the crew feared him almost as much as the captain. 

There is no record of his origin, but it was said that Marrow was spawned by the Devil himself.  Where Sharky's wrath was like a hurricane, Marrow's anger was more subtle--like a dagger between the ribs.

Deathwind sails out of the mist

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